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How to setup a Wordpress Blog

Setting up your own Wordpress blog is easy. Follow our simple guide to making your own webpage with Wordpress and you can be online quickly and easily!

The easiest way to setup a Wordpress blog is via the Cpanel system. All our hosting options offer Cpanel, which includes a variety of free software packages to use via Softaculous. So the first step to setting up your won blog is to get domain name and a place to host it.

Once you have setup your domain and hosting log into Cpanel by going to Once you have logged into Cpanel scroll down to Softaculous and choose Wordpress (see image below) 

Cpanel Wordpress in Softaculous

Once you select this follow the onscreen instructions, give your blog a name and choose a username and password for your administration account. Tip* choose a strong username and password "admin" is not a strong username so pick something memorable but not to simple.


Upon choosing Wordpress you will see a screen like this. Click "Install"

Wordpress Installer

Once Wordpress is installed you can login to the administration panel and start to configure your blog, choose a theme and post your first article!

Your login will be found at were Install Folder is the folder you chose to install WP into during the setup. Often this is / so just is OK

Wordpress Login Box

Enter your username and password in the box that appears, click login and you will see a screen similar to the one shown below. Congratulations you are ready to start setting up you theme and writing your first post!.


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