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How Domain Names Work

Just how do I get my own domain name like ''?

In this simple guide, we explain how to get your own domain name, register it and either "park it" for email purposes or co

nnect it to website hosting to create your own website that people can visit with their web browser. 

What is a domain name?

Its the name you enter into the URL or Address bar of your web browser that takes you to your favourite website.

'domain name - in Safari browser'

How do domain names work?

In simple terms, when you enter a domain name into the address bar, your browser contacts the domain registration authority that manages the domain name you registered. The registration record is attached to a Domain Name Server 'DNS' which has a kind of telephone directory which holds the IP address of the computer your website is hosted on. The request is then forwarded across the Internet to your website hosting provider who is named in the DNS record. When the host receives the request, your website server responds by sending the requested file or page to the browser of the visitor to your web page. This neat setup makes it much easier for people to find your website by using a name rather than a complicated and less memorable number. 

How do i register a domain name?

Registering a domain name is as simple as choosing the name you like from those available and making a small payment. The domain will take a few hours to process and be available to use. Click here to see if your domain name is available now

Once you have purchased your domain name you can optionally "park" it (a way to own the name and use it for email but not actually have to attach it to a website hosting package) or you can log into your control panel and choose to direct your domain name to a website hosting package of choice. 

'domain name - in Safari browser'


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